In aid of bereaved parents

Getting to know the Walk4Louis Team: Mark De Leon


Mark De Leon








Wife and 2 kids plus 4 Step Children


Stair case specialist and driver

Likes / Interests: 

I enjoy playing pool for a team plus playing on my xbox 1 . I also enjoy doing charity walks and raising money plus as much awareness for the charity as possible


I am afraid of snakes and heights

What is the one thing you would change about yourself? 

My age

Favourite Movie or Book: 

Fast and Furious franchise

Favourite Music: 

R & B

Tell us an interesting fact about you: 

I am doing these walks due to before i was born , my parents lost my 2 brothers & back in them days there was no help

If you won the lottery jackpot tomorrow what would you do? 

I would buy a big house for me and one for my wife and kids

Which animal best represents you? 

A dog as i am loyal , friendly and easy going

If you could take only three things to a deserted island with you what would they be? 

An Xbox, a mobile phone and the internet (hope this island has electricity)

If you could have one superpower what would it be? 

The ability to heal people

Describe yourself in 3 words: 

Mad, loving and caring

Miles Walked: 


The Reason I do the walk:

The reason I decided to get on board with the guys and the charity is really a continuation of the buzz I get from doing my job I want to give something back and helping a worthy charity and help people who have unfortunately gone through what must be one of the most painful ordeals that anyone can go through. I don't do it for any kind of acknowledgement I do it purely to help people because I know I can. Another reasons i do it is because over 40 years ago my parents lost my 2 brothers just after birth & in that day & age there was no help for people who went through the bereavement of losing children so this is my way of helping those unfortunate parents in this day & age. 

Best Moment on Walks: 

Meeting new people & knowing that we are helping families through difficult times

Worst Moment on Walks: 

When I did Hadrian's Wall I ended up with a serious leg infection & blisters on my feet but like a brave little solider I still carried on and completed the walk as i was determined to finish the walk as my pain was nothing to walk the families go through who we are trying to support.

Funniest Moment on Walks: 

I can not think of a single funniest moment that stands out from the rest as we try & make the walks fun, enjoyable expierences & there is always good banter going on between all of us on the walk