In aid of bereaved parents

Getting to know the Walk4Louis Team: Phil Barker


Phil Barker






Pontypridd, Wales


3 Sons, Liam, Ben & Tom, 1 Granddaughter, Mia and 3 Grandsons Jacob, Joshua & Joey


Project Manager for Sainsbury’s

Likes / Interests:

I Enjoy walking and have a passion for most sports especially football, rugby and boxing and I support Aston Villa for my sins

Describe yourself in 3 words:

Kind, Sarcastic, Introvert


Blood & Needles

What is the one thing you would change about yourself?

Improved self confidence

Favourite Movie or Book:

Top Gun. I am a bit of an anorak when it comes to this movie i have seen it that many times

Favourite Music:

80’s synth pop

Tell us an interesting fact about you:

I have size 14 feet

If you won the lottery jackpot tomorrow what would you do?

Firstly be totally amazed as I didn’t buy a ticket then make sure my family are financially secure then go on a round the world cruise

Which animal best represents you?

Prairie Dog

If you could take only three things to a deserted island with you what would they be?

Sun cream, Wi-Fi and a Boat

If you could have one superpower what would it be?

The ability to fly as I hate sitting in traffic jams

Miles Walked:


The Reason I Do the Walk:

After the passing of my niece Holly Gale in October 2009 after only being with us for 12 days and hearing off Paul about the work that Kirsty McGurrell was trying to achieve I was inspired to join Paul in taking part in a charity walk in the memory of Holly. So after completing the 1st walk I was bitten by the bug and have been trying to do my bit to help raise funds and awareness for the great work 4Louis do to help bereaved parents of stillbirth & neo-natal death.

Best Moment on Walks:

Joining the Proclaimers club & passing the 1,000 miles marker as after the state of me at the end of our first walk I didn’t think I would even do it again let alone get to 1,000 miles

Worst Moment on Walks:

Getting shin splints on the first walk

Funniest Moment on Walks:

For me there have been many funny moments on the walks with some of the highlights being Morrison’ clock, meeting Ned, the two Ruth’s getting a drenching, Paul’s tummy sneezing and Verity taking a dip in some cow pat, but the one that still brings the biggest smile to my face is Paul running down the middle of the road trying to race a white van man in Blackpool on our second walk.