In aid of bereaved parents

Who are Walk4Louis??

Firstly we would like to welcome you to our page. We are 4 walkers who's mission is to complete one annual long distance walk to help raise funds for 4Louis. The founding members are Paul Taft  and Phil Barker who founded Walk4Louis in 2010. In 2014 Mark De Leon joined the guys and has completed 3 walks and in 2015 Julie Ridley joined them for their sixth walk. This year Chelsea Wraxton, Mark's step daughter joined the gang for their 8th walk. Last but by no means least there is Alex the Walk4Louis Mascot he is 'The Bear That Gets Everywhere' who joined the group in 2015 on their 6th walk.
The group are made up of very different characters and to find more about them please click on their names

Additional Walkers Profiles
Chelsea Louise Wraxton (2017) -  Hi my name is Chelsea I'm 20 and live in Tamworth. I have 3 younger siblings that I love to spending time with and I am a catering assistant which I thoroughly enjoy doing,When I am not working or spending quality time with my family I like socialize with friends which I do enjoy. The reason I decided to get on board with the guys and the charity is really to give something back and helping a worthy charity and help people who have unfortunately gone through what must be one of the most painful ordeals that anyone can go through. I don't do it for any kind of publicity or followers on social media I do it purely to help people because I know I can. I know there isn't much help for people who went or going through the bereavement of losing children so this is my way of helping those unfortunate parents in this day & age.
Verity Caine (2017) - Hi my name is Verity, I'm 40 years old and live in Malton, North Yorkshire. I live with my partner Simon and have two sons Alex (21) and Sam (19). I work two jobs, during the day at a computer software company (QuietPC) and on an evening at a local pub / restaurant (The New Malton). When I'm not working I love socialising, eating out with friends and family, my relaxation is baking and walking with our amazing Labrador Buster! 
I only found out about this walk earlier this year and promptly decided to join them for the first 2 days, I finally found something I could actually do to raise money for the 4Louis charity! I'm no good at jumping out of aeroplanes or bungee jumping so I'm very excited to be a part of the walk. I'm now going to do the first 5 days and hopefully return for the final day!
My reason for walking - this one is for Seth.
In 2014 we were enjoying watching Simon’s brother Jamie and girlfriend Lucy finish renovating his house for the arrival of their baby. A beautiful well matched couple with everything in place, and a great future ahead of them. With only a few weeks to go, suddenly the unexpected happened and both Lucy and Seth passed away.
There's no words for the devastating effect this had on Jamie and the entire family. No words to describe the pain. Lucy a beautiful mother and wife to be and Seth was a gorgeous baby boy who I was lucky enough to meet - cuddled up with his 4louis bear. The provisions that the memory box held was something that no one thinks to pack when a baby arrives. The memory's that the box gives at a time when you can't think, is amazing. I want to dedicate my bit of the walk - to Lucy and Seth - together for ever. 
Julie Ridley (2015) - Hi my name is Julie and I am 51 years old and live in Birmingham with my family. I have 2 teenage daughters who I love and I have been a police officer for the past 26 years. In my spare time I am learning to ride a motorbike and my other loves in my life apart from my family are Birmingham City Football Club and German Shepard Dogs. I want to be as active as I can while I'm still lucky to have my health so that is what is inspiring me to join the guys. I can't begin to understand the heartache for the families of stillborn babies and those unfortunate to have miscarriages. I have been so impressed by the people who are doing the walk already as they have so much enthusiasm that I want to be part of it and raise funds for the campaign and awareness.

Walk Facts & Figures

Miles Walked: 1,328 miles

Collective Miles walked: 3,513

Number of days walked: 66

Number of Hospitals / Hospices visited: 28

Total Money Raised: £38,281.56

What are Walk4Louis about?

Walk4Louis was established in 2010 to help raise money for a charity in the North-East of England called 4Louis. In 2009 the founder Kirsty McGurrell lost her first baby shortly before her due date and had to go through the ordeal of given birth to a sleeping angel. Through the little help and support that was out there Kirsty set up 4Louis to give help to other bereaved parents of sleeping angels. Walk4Louis's mission is to complete 1 long distance charity walk a year to help raise money for 4Louis.

The Story so far.....
April 2010 - Paul & Phil completed their first walk, walking 191 miles from Sunderland Hospital to the SANDS Memorial Garden at the National Arboretum at Alrewas near Burton Upon Trent in 5 days. They managed to raise £1000. Click here to read more.
May 2011 - Paul & Phil completed a 'Coast2Coast' walk, walking from Blackpool to Sunderland a distance of 164 miles taking them 9 days. They managed to raise £4500. Click here to read more.
May 2012 - Paul & Phil took on their next mission 'A Grand Challenge'. They walked from London to Tamworth along the Grand Union Canal. On the first day they walked around London visiting some famous sports venues before they embarked onto the Grand Union Canal at Wembley on day 2. They completed the challenge in 9 days covering a distance of 180 miles. They managed to raise £12,797.75  Click here to read more.  

May 2013 - The dynamic duo took on their next mission covering 140 miles, walking from York Minster to the Angel of the North, Gateshead, Newcastle in 8 days. They managed to raise £2,058.81 Click here to read more. 

June 2014 - Walk4Louis took on their fifth challenge 'A Roman Conquest' where they walked along Hadrian's Wall from Bowness-on-Solway to Wallsend covering a distance of 90 miles over 5 days. Paul was joined on the walk by new member of Walk4Louis Mark and 2 other walkers David McGurrell and Graham Mckie. Unfortunately due to work commitments Phil could . The guys managed to raise £1882.51.

June 2015- On 27th June Walk4Louis began their sixth Challenge 'You'll Never Walk Alone' where they walked from Anfield, Liverpool Football Ground to Tamworth covering a distance of 164 miles over 8 days. Along the route the gang visited some of the hospitals and hospices that 4Louis provide support for so they could see and hear how what they charity do help give support to bereaved parents. In total they raised £5777.49.  Click here to read more about their walk

June 2016 - On the 23rd June Walk4Louis set off on their 7 challenge were Paul and Phil would both chalk up their 1000th charity mile. They walked from the Forget-Me-Not Children's Hospice in Huddersfield and finished 10 days and 185 miles later back where it all began in 2010 at the Sunderland Royal Hospital. They raise over £4000 pound taking their total raised to over £32,000. Please click here to read more.

Jume 2017 - On the 21st June Walk4Louis set off from Hyde Park to walk around the landmarks of London in 35 degree heat and after an energy sapping day managed to get to their hotel. After this and another 10 gruelling days walking North to the Midlands the gang cross the finish line in Wolverhampton after walking 214 miles. They managed to raise a total of £6338.74 which takes their grand total to above £38,000.

The Next Trek....
Paul and Phil are currently at the drawing board plotting their next route for their 9th walking challenge in 2018. They have decided that they will start in Manchester and finish the walk in Sunderland. They are now reviewing routes and dates for where and when the walk will take place. So stay tuned for updates.
You can also follow the guys on Twitter (@walk4louis) and on Facebook (walk forlouis) so please get in touch and give them your support

Thanks for reading this and for all your continued support.  Please post us a message to support Paul, Phil, Mark, Chelsea & Verity